What services does Money Box offer?

Money Box is managed by CascadaNet, a top telecom broker with contracts with virtually all major phone, cable, and satellite carriers in the United States. We offer High Speed Internet, TV, phone, and alarm system to residential customer. We also have an extensive portfolio of additional options for our business customers, including: website designs, hosted VoIP Services, IT support, and cloud applications among others.

What happened after I submit a referral?

A member of our team will contact the customer to find out their need and offer them the options and prices available at her or his location. Once the customer agrees with the service been offered we will complete the order and schedule the installation.

Who will bill the customer?

The customer will get the bill directly from the service provider .

Will the customer need to pay any upfront fee?

Each carrier has different qualifications for service installation. Some of them required no upfront fees, others required a customer credit check to determine any upfront fee.

How will I get pay for referral and how often?

Commission checks are sent out every other Friday for referral affiliates and every Friday for our Dealers. You can see your future earnings visiting the section “VIEW MY REFERRALS.” It will show you what referrals have been completed, the reward amount and when you will get the reward for each of them.

How can I become a Dealer?

Dealers are independent agents capable to generate leads and process service orders. If you have telecom or cable experience and you would like to increase your earnings please call us and one of our executives will guide you thru the application process.

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